Google Merchant Center Next will soon support rules and supplemental feeds    Dec 1, 2023
Merchants needing access to these features should stick with the classic mode of GMC Next until Google invites them to migrate.
Search Engine Land

GPT Store To Launch Next Year, ChatGPT Updates Coming Soon    Dec 1, 2023
OpenAI shares its plans for the GPT Store, enhancements to GPT Builder tools, privacy improvements, and updates coming to ChatGPT.
Search Engine Journal

Meta to launch Threads in the EU within weeks    Dec 1, 2023
The news comes just days after X's biggest advertisers boycotted the platform, including Disney, Paramount and Sony Pictures.
Search Engine Land

Reddit launches new Conversation Placement ad formats    Dec 1, 2023
Carousel Ads and Product Ads are now globally accessible to all marketers as a way to expand reach beyond Reddit feeds.
Search Engine Land

2023 Survey Review: State Of Marketing Data Standards In The AI Era    Dec 1, 2023
Watch on-demand and learn how to level up your data strategy and avoid potential pitfalls using marketing data trends from top advertisers.
Search Engine Journal

96.55% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google. Here's How to Be in the Other 3.45% [New Research for 2023]    Dec 1, 2023
We studied almost one billion webpages and found that ~91% get no traffic from Google.

Why a content gap analysis should be part of your SEO strategy    Dec 1, 2023
Learn how comparing your site content against competitors can help you find untapped keywords and areas to better meet user needs.
Search Engine Land

Screaming Frog Scores Two UK Search Awards    Dec 1, 2023
Another award-winning year for the team to be proud of. It’s December already, which means the much-anticipated UK Search Awards have just come to pass. This year, the event was held at the Bloomsbury Big Top in London on November 30th and around 600 search marketers from across the country...
Screaming Frog

How to combine Google Ads with other channels to retarget, nurture and convert    Dec 1, 2023
Five tips for using Google Ads retargeting with email, organic traffic, cross-device tracking, direct mail, and social media.
Search Engine Land

Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google Core Update Done Followed By Intense Search Volatility, New Structured Data, Google Ads Head Steps Down & 20 Years Covering Search    Dec 1, 2023
Google's November 2023 core update finally finished rolling out this week, and it was the longest core update rollout. Then, a day later, we saw more intense Google search ranking volatility and chat
Search Engine Roundtable

9 SEO tactics for the holiday period    Dec 1, 2023
Here are tips to optimize your site for more organic visibility, website traffic and conversions this holiday season.
Search Engine Land

20 Years Covering The Search Industry    Dec 1, 2023
20 years ago tomorrow (December 2, 2003), I started this blog aimed at archiving some of the best discussions within the search marketing community. It has now been 20 years that I've been writing on
Search Engine Roundtable

Google Discover Showing Older Content Since Follow Feature    Dec 1, 2023
Typically, Google Discover shows content that is less than a day old, but it can show content that is weeks, months, or even years old. However, typically, Google will show more recent content in the
Search Engine Roundtable

Google Pay Accepted Labels In Google Search Results    Dec 1, 2023
Google seems to be testing a Google Pay Accepted label or icon in the Google search results. This label has the super G logo followed by the words
Search Engine Roundtable

Google May Be Testing Removing Cache Link From Search Results    Dec 1, 2023
Google seems to be testing removing the cache link from the search result snippet about this result box. I am in a test where the cache link is no longer available but while trying it while signed ou
Search Engine Roundtable

Google Local Listing With "Serves Vegetarian Dishes" Justifications / Label    Dec 1, 2023
Google is testing showing a justification (or label) for local restaurant listings within Google Search and Google Maps that says
Search Engine Roundtable

Google Zurich Hosts Lego Robotics & Coding    Dec 1, 2023
Google held an event named Lego Robotics and Coding at the Google Zurich office in Switzerland. That means there were robots at the office. Here is an embed from Instagram of more of those photos.
Search Engine Roundtable

The 17 Best Ad Networks For Content Creators In 2024    Dec 1, 2023
Ad networks are one of the best ways for content creators to monetize their content. Here are the best ad networks to choose from in 2024.
Search Engine Journal

Firefox URL Tracking Removal – Is This A Trend To Watch?    Dec 1, 2023
Momentum is seemingly growing to remove tracking data from URLs. Is this a trend to watch and could it impact online marketing?
Search Engine Journal

In the Hot Seat: Google's Search Ads Stir Controversy On Questionable Websites    Dec 1, 2023
A recent report brings ethical, transparency, and brand safety concerns for advertisers around Google's Search Partner network and where ads are shown.
Search Engine Journal

Researchers Extend GPT    Dec 1, 2023
Microsoft research reveals new prompt engineering techniques that makes GPT-4 achieve previously impossible performance levels
Search Engine Journal

Decode the future of AI and privacy with metadata mastery    Nov 30, 2023
In this webinar, learn the strategies for a privacy-centric future.
Search Engine Land

Google Merchant Center is removing 4 attribution models from conversion tracking    Nov 30, 2023
First-click, linear, time-decay, and position-based options will no longer be available for setting up the conversion source.
Search Engine Land

Daily Search Forum Recap: November 30, 2023    Nov 30, 2023
Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web. I am seeing new signs of an other Google search ran
Search Engine Roundtable

Google will pay Canada publishers $73m a year to keep news links in search    Nov 30, 2023
The search engine threatened to stop serving news in response to a new law forcing tech companies to pay for news content.
Search Engine Land

Writing emails that convert    Nov 30, 2023
Learn the 4 biggest copywriting and design dos and don'ts you should consider before you hit send.
Search Engine Land

Pinterest rolls out AI body type filter to improve search inclusivity and engagement    Nov 30, 2023
The new technology can help consumers make purchasing decisions, potentially leading to a significant increase in conversions.
Search Engine Land

Brainlabs speaks to AdAge about the evolution of Google’s Performance Max solution    Nov 30, 2023
Our Chief Product Officer in North America Jeremy Hull spoke with Ad Age all about the evolution of Google’s AI-powered advertising solution.

YouTube updates Product Drops tool for enhanced accessibility and control    Nov 30, 2023
The live shopping stream feature is expanding to more creators, and will offer increased flexibility in terms of timings.
Search Engine Land

Using auction insights for better PPC competitor analysis    Nov 30, 2023
Learn to use Google and Microsoft auction insights for monitoring your competitive positioning in search results.
Search Engine Land

How to retain clients in PPC    Nov 30, 2023
Learn key reasons for client churn in PPC and how to boost retention through goal alignment, performance audits, regular check-ins, and more.
Search Engine Land

Use generative AI to make products stand out in search    Nov 30, 2023
Discover how generative AI can enhance visibility for WooCommerce websites on Google search results.

Google Search Ranking Volatility - Is It The End Of Reviews Update?    Nov 30, 2023
I am seeing some signs of some big Google Search ranking volatility and shuffling today. The November core update just finished, so Google would say it is not the core update but the November reviews
Search Engine Roundtable

How to build a resilient digital marketing agency in 2024    Nov 30, 2023
Get actionable advice for creating a thriving digital agency that can weather periods of growth and uncertainty.
Search Engine Land

Google Patent For SGE: Generative Summaries For Search Results    Nov 30, 2023
Google has a published patent named
Search Engine Roundtable

Google patent describes how the Search Generative Experience works    Nov 30, 2023
This may be the first and only patent has related to SGE.
Search Engine Land

Google Local Service Ads Add New Impression Metrics For Advertisers    Nov 30, 2023
Google has added a few new impression metrics for advertisers using the Google Local Service Ads platform. This was spotted by Ben Turner who wrote on X that he is
Search Engine Roundtable

Google Ads API 2024 Schedule    Nov 30, 2023
Google has published its tentative schedule for the Google Ads API release dates and sunset dates for 2024. Google publishes this annually in order to
Search Engine Roundtable

Google Now Doesn't Allow E-Juice Products In Ads & Shopping Listings    Nov 30, 2023
Google has updated its dangerous product policy for both Shopping ads and free listings to list E-juice products as dangerous and thus not allowed to be advertised or listing in Google Shopping result
Search Engine Roundtable

Head Of Google Ads, Jerry Dischler, Steps Down After 15 Years    Nov 30, 2023
Jerry Dischler, who has been the head of Google Ads since 2020 and has been with Google for over 15 years is leaving the company. Replacing Dischler will be Vidhya Srinivasan who was the VP/GM of Adv
Search Engine Roundtable